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Thu Dec 11, 2014, 3:58 PM
Hello! :)
Tue Jan 28, 2014, 2:43 PM


So big update on current art situation. My paint tool sai got totally bugged and wouldn't open. I had a beta copy given to me a lonnnng time ago. I'm going to have to wait until sometime in the future until I can buy the full and complete edition of the program. I won't be producing any art until then. :(


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So, I have had a lot of freaking people ask me this question..."does the naruto ending ruin your otp that you made?" I am writing this to address the neverending flow of questions from my readers and friends alike.

First of all, everyone is assuming that Sasuke and Hikari are my OTP. They're's just a story I thought up one day. Hikari is an OC I wrote because I was sitting on my girlfriend's bed and I was super bored. I turned to her and said 'wouldn't it be cool if I made a character Itachi and Sasuke believable fought over?' I am not shitting you, that is what got Hikari started four years ago. I wanted the Uchiha bros to yank on each of Hikari's arms in a chibi way and pull her back and forth. 

The first thing I imagined about Hikari was a scene in Hoseki no Ko where she got hit with a chidori. The next was some kind of scene where Itachi taunted Sasuke about her. I wrote two whole stories based off that. I developed Hikari and worked my ass off to make a cool and interesting fic to read all because I said the words...'wouldn't it be cool'. 

So am I mad that Sasuke ended up with Sakura? 

Yes, but not because it gets in the way of SasuHika. It's because its an abusive relationship based on feelings from when they were twelve. It's because Sasuke tried to coldly murder Sakura without any remorse. It's because Sakura deserved someone better. 


Are they really? I challenge you to think about my story. Hikari is pregnant, an accident of one night with him. She is with him in the interest of her child having a father instead of a man who died because he was executed for killing lots of people. Yes, once upon a time Hikari loved Sasuke. She loved him so much that it hurt. However, he abused her, used her, and disregarded her safety more than a couple times. 

Also, there is a key difference between Hikari and Sakura. Hikari is stuck. She cannot leave. There is a physical reason why she cannot leave his side and it might have to do with a curse and Obito Uchiha. It was the same reason she couldn't leave Itachi (pssst, for this story, ItaHika is my OTP). And yes, I am aware that was an abusive relationship too while it lasted. Hikari has been abused her entire life, first by her father, and then Madara/Obito, then Itachi, and then Sasuke. She had lived a life and pattern of abuse and it is so much harder to escape from that. It is hard for her to recognise she is being hurt if I am going to be frank about it. Hikari is a character who I developed to have a life of abuse, mainly because I know abuse inside and out. I live in a world where so many women I care about have been abused. Hell I was abused for five years by someone I thought was my best friend, even that was emotional abuse, it makes it no less serious. I wanted to reflect on that as well as write this character I imagined trying to live her life through that.

Sakura was not forced to be with Sasuke. In fact she was separated from him for so long. That really should have given her a shit ton of clarity and even some more when he tried to kill her not once, but three times. Serious red flags should have gone off. Sasuke was a childhood crush, seriously not strong enough for her devotion. And Yes, I am aware she couldn't really forget about him because of Naruto, but she could have moved on. She could have let herself love someone else. Sakura fell into the trap most female main protagonists do...they have to love the FIRST guy they have feelings towards forever. That man has to become THE guy for them. 

As for Hikari, she tried loving someone else but she is attracted to the wrong sort of powerful men. A nice boy wanted to be with her once and she turned him down for the brooding angsty Sasuke because she recognised feelings she had inside as the same as some he had. They had stuff in common, like tragedy. Hikari is very much a woman who falls for the wrong men for the wrong reasons. 

Sakura fell in like with Sasuke because he was cool. Eventually it was more when he became her team mate and she fell in love with him. (Though a deconstruction would have been cool if she got to know him and was like...he is actually really fucking boring and has too many problems...) However, he left her. He left her by herself, on a bench, knocked out for hours. He put her safety at risk without a spare thought. She could have gotten raped. I'm sorry, Sasuke is fucking stupid. And Sakura is too for continuing to love him. 

Now, does the ending of Naruto ruin my story? 

Absolutely not. You guys who read my writing know I do not divert away from canon. You know that I respect canon ships and that something is going to happen in my story to address all this. Hikari will go on even if it means going on without Sasuke. She doesn't need him to exist...she started that way, but doesn't have to end that way. 

And if it hasn't, why am I taking forever to get to my end?

Kishimoto can be as unclear as a foggy mirror with shit that happens. I am meticulous for detail and I want to make sure everything is right. Just give me some time people. 

So yeah, Naruto didn't ruin my story. Yes, I am still writing it. And yes, I know how it ends. 

If you'd like to read my stories, here is a link to my fanfiction profile page.

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